The Power of Positive Fitness | e6 Energy Shots | Energy Strips | Podcast#9

Join Scott Paton as he welcomes this week's guest, John Rowley, author of the National Best Sellers:The Power of Positive Fitness andClimb YOUR Ladder of Success Without Running Out of Gas!

John talks about how to juggle all the plates in your life: fitness, relationships, studies, spiritual, bisiness/job wihtout dropping any.

The Power of Positive Fitness is a ”whole person” fitness plan that will quickly give you the energy you need to live an inspired life.The self help, fitness, and spiritual communities have tended to segment a person's life into isolated parts. Not this book. This book is passionate about seeing every dimension of your life developed to its fullest-being physically, mentally, and spiritually fit and living a lifestyle that supports your life. John Rowley, author, speaker, television and radio personality, and Wellness Director for the International Sports Science Association, will help bring your physical, mental, and spiritual goals to reality as you follow a plan you will find doable and enjoyable.

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Everyone has the same 10,080 minutes in the week. Some people have time to change the world & others barely have time to change their socks. Time isn't the issue when it comes high performance in business or in life. Having the energy to utilize your time effectively is! In today's saturated business world, performance may very well be the most valuable form of currency. It takes expertise, energy and innovative thinking to deliver in today's global business environment. Those who deliver, profit and grow, those who don't will not be here tomorrow. John delivers tools to your organization that will ignite creativity, refocus and fully engage your workforce. Hiring John is not an expense, it is a wise investment that will give a valuable and long lasting return on your organizations greatest and most costly investment, human potential.

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E6 Energy Shots E6 Energy Strips

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