Sam Crowley | e6 Energy Shots | Energy Strips | Podcast #14

Sam Crowley, founder of Everyday Is Saturday, joins us today.

Sam Crowley is a former Fortune 100 executive who launched the personal development brand Every Day Is Saturday and the hugely successful website Sam also is a best-selling co-author, speaker and business coach.

As the story goes, Sam would usually arrive home late in the evening just in time to lay his daughter Madeline down to bed each night and answer the same question "Daddy, is tomorrow Saturday?"

Madeline asked this question because of Sam's hectic corporate schedule which only saw him home one day a week - Saturday. Although six nights out of the week, Sam had to answer "No" to the Saturday question, he vowed that someday soon "Every day would be Saturday."

Sam resigned from the corner office on May 6, 2005 and began what can only be described as an Incredible entrepreneurial journey. Sam documented each step along the way, knowing full well it would become the blueprint for any individual going through massive transition in their life.

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E6 Energy Shots E6 Energy Strips

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